Hi, I am Christine Lehmann, Reverse Diabetes Coach and nutritional therapist, and I help women prevent or reverse diabetes naturally.

  • Do you struggle to get your blood sugar under control?
  • Do you crave sugar every day?
  • Are you tired of not losing weight?
  • Do you wish you had more energy for the activities you love?
  • Or maybe you struggle with mobility issues?   

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need help getting off the blood sugar roller-coaster once and for all.

My reverse diabetes packages will help you reduce your blood sugar, eliminate sugar cravings, gain energy, and lose weight. My goal is to get your blood sugar numbers in the prediabetes or normal range as safely and quickly as possible.

I use a delicious low-carb diet, supplements, exercise and stress management.  The supplements offer an effective complementary or alternative approach to diabetes medications.   

Diabetes is a serious disease. But, it is not too late to work on reversing it. 

Contact me to book your free 30-minute strategy session today!


  • Success Stories

    Completing the nutrition program with Christine literally changed my life. I felt like I had the power to change my story and path regarding my health and wellness. I learned all about eating more frequently to keep blood sugar consistent. I learned the importance of eating protein and healthy fats at every meal, what time of day to eat certain foods, and how this lifestyle change improved my mood, skin, and digestion. Because I tracked my food multiple times a week and consistently exercised…
    Latosha T.